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Soulstice is an old school JRPG set in the multiverse of Nada. Four friends travel together to unravel the mystery of why some dangerous new creatures have appeared in their world. As they progress through their journey they regain memories that had mysteriously vanished from their minds. What could this mean? The only way to find out is to continue onward!


- A unique trade system built upon trade and crafting.

- 7 skill trees. 5 weapon trees (1h & Shield, 2handed, Dual Wielding, Ranged and Spellcasting) and 2 support trees (Leadership and First Aid) to compleltely customize your characters.

- Stats increase based on skills chosen to help fully realize your characters potential.

- 5-7 Hours of gameplay.

- 45 different enemy types, including bosses and mini-bosses.

- Over 40 maps spread across 6 areas.

*Updated on 3/27/17 to reflect changes derived from feedback. Thank you!*

Install instructions

Simply run the .exe, select location to install, run the game and enjoy!


Soulstice.exe 219 MB